What about Counselling?

During your initial intake session with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), you will be asked if there is any chance of reconciliation with your partner/ex-partner.

If there is ANY chance that your issues with the other party may be resolved by attending marriage counselling, this is the time to engage in this process.

Your FDRP is able to refer you to a qualified marriage counsellor in your area and defer Family Mediation until such time as it becomes evident that reconciliation is not possible.

If you have already attended marriage counselling in the past and made the decision to separate anyway, a different therapist may be able to offer new insights which lead to reconciliation.

Irrespective of whether or not reconciliation can take place, working with a counsellor to heal some of the challenging emotions you are both likely to be experiencing, can equip you with better inner resources to negotiate during Family Dispute Resolution. It will also enable you both to be more effective parents if anger, resentment and the deep hurt can be ameliorated.

Christine Bennett offers Family Dispute Resolution and Relationship Counselling in Crows Nest, Central Coast NSW and online.