What happens if we go to Court?

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Going to Court is a last resort. It is a costly process, both financially and emotionally.

If you can honestly say that through your genuine effort, you were unable to reach agreement with your ex partner, including with your own lawyers or through Family Dispute Resolution, then going to Court is your final option.

It is also the better option if a child is at risk of harm or family violence/abuse poses a threat to a child's safety.

When you go to court, decisions are taken from you and made by a judge or other legal representative. When children are involved, even the courts would prefer that decisions involving the care of children be made by those people who will be doing the care as long as there is no risk to the child. The more any remaining goodwill between parents can be preserved, the less stress there will be for all concerned.

The following topics are covered in detail on the Family Law Courts website. I offer links here for ease of finding the information:

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