About Property Agreements

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When a couple separates, it is usual to decide what happens to their shared assets and any outstanding debts such as a mortgage and credit card debt for instance.

About De Facto Relationships

"The Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court can now make orders in relation to financial matters following the breakdown of eligible de facto relationships. Previously these courts would generally only make such orders in cases where the parties were married (except in the ACT and NT). Financial disputes between former de facto partners were generally dealt with by state and territory courts, applying the law applicable in that state or territory.

If you have been in a de facto relationship and are considering making an application to the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court for financial orders, you should read De facto property regime. This frequently asked questions will give you information about whether or not you are eligible to apply to the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court."

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Family Law Courts - Property and Money after Separation

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